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Cancilico: Pioneering AI in Hematological Healthcare

At Cancilico, we are at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into hematological healthcare. Founded by a dynamic team of experts in business informatics, computer science, biology, and medicine, we are dedicated to transforming the way hematological cancers are diagnosed and studied. Our mission is to harness the power of AI to revolutionize medical diagnostics, making it more accurate, efficient, and accessible.

Our journey began with a shared vision: to address the critical need for innovation in the diagnosis of blood-related diseases. Recognizing the limitations of traditional methods in bone marrow analysis, we embarked on creating AI-driven solutions that could automate and enhance this vital process. The result is a suite of advanced, user-friendly software tools that are reshaping the landscape of medical diagnostics and research.

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At the heart of Cancilico lies a commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing medical research. Our technology not only speeds up diagnostic processes but also offers unparalleled accuracy, helping to unlock new possibilities in treatment and research. By automating routine tasks, we free up valuable time for medical professionals, allowing them to focus on more complex aspects of patient care.

Considering the increasing prevalence of hematological cancers, our work is becoming ever more important. We are driven by the potential to make a real difference in the lives of patients and the medical community. Through continuous innovation and collaboration, we are setting new standards in healthcare technology and paving the way for a healthier future.


Markus Badstübner (CEO)

Previously Scientific Coordinator at University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, now focusing on bringing AI cancer research from the lab to the market.

Sebastian Riechert (CAIO)

Computer Scientist with a focus on computer vision, especially supervised and weakly supervised image classification and segmentation • previously worked as Researcher at Dresden University of Technology and as AI Engineer in industry.


Tim Schmittmann (CTO)

Over 12 years of experience in full-stack application development, expertise in modern web technologies, proficiency in big data management and deep learning frameworks, and a strong background in DevOps, agile methodologies, and medical imaging software.

Katja Siegert

Accomplished Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager adept in international medical device registration, standards compliance, and a strong academic background in medical engineering.

Dr.-Ing. Karsten Wendt (Soft-Tech Consulting)

Experienced IT Consultant and Post-Doc Computer Scientist with expertise in machine learning, digital health, and data-driven design strong background in digital health, data science, and industry 4.0 His career also includes roles as Senior Software Engineer and Freelancer, focusing on software development and optimization.

Dr. med. Jan Moritz Middeke

Distinguished Senior Physician with specialized expertise in internal medicine, hematology, and oncology areas of focus include expertise in stem cell transplantation, acute leukemias, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) with a profound commitment to advancing treatments in these critical areas of medicine.

Dr. med. Jan-Niklas Eckardt 

Clinician-Scientist at Dresden University of Technology Resident in Hematology and Medical Oncology at the University Hospital Dresden • specialized in the intersection of clinical medicine and high-tech solutions • striving to shape the emerging field of digital personalized oncology.

Cancilico Board Members

Prof. em. Dr. med. Gerhard Ehninger

Former Head of Hematology & Oncology at University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden renowned Clinician, Researcher and Serial Entrepreneur.

David Rittrich

Architect for data-driven businesses experienced in cloud transformation focused on data engineering.

Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Hampe

Professor for Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at Dresden University of Technology Director of Medical Clinic I at University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus.

Cancilico Advisory Board Members

Dr. med. Stefani Parmentier

Distinguished Hematologist with over ten years of expertise leading Physician at the Claraspital Basel Tumor Center.

Prof. Stephen Gilbert

Professor at Dresden University of Technology (Else Kröner Fresenius Center for Digital Health – EKFZ) more than 15 years of experience in regulatory science Expert in medical and in vitro diagnostic device regulations.

Prof. Jakob N. Kather

Professor for Clinical Artificial Intelligence at Dresden University of Technology focus on deep learning for immunotherapy biomarkers in cancer.

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Bornhäuser

Professor for Hematology & Oncology • Director of Medical Clinic I at University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus and at the National Center for Tumor Diseases Dresden.

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